The Not-For-Profit Sector

Not-for-Profit organisations face a unique and rapidly evolving operating environment. The challenge of acting as custodians of the interests, financial and otherwise, of clients in need is significant. We understand that trustees in this area are often volunteering their service and expertise but are also assuming a level of personal exposure and risk.

Therefore we advocate the need for Not-for-Profit organisations to form advisory relationships with professional partners who understand the challenges and have experience in meeting their specific needs. Our experience and understanding positions us well to provide asset and investment consultancy, assisting you not only in mitigating the professional and personal risks that you face, but also to maximise you tax advantageous status.

Our Experience in Not-for-Profit

Entrust and its advisers are experienced in operating investment strategies for large Not-for-Profit organisations whereby investing operations are overseen by a governing board and we can provide references on request.

Our Philosophy

We firmly believe that all investment decisions should respect a clearly defined written mandate. This mandate should be in the form of a professionally prepared Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that clearly identifies (but is not limited to):

    • The organisation's purpose, goals and objectives
    • Attitude to risk and defines a bespoke asset allocation
    • Investment expectations
    • Liquidity requirements
    • Any investment restrictions

      Where these factors are well researched and accurately represented through the Investment Policy Statement, inappropriate decision making can be mitigated while longer term objectives are achieved. Our focus for larger organisations is to firstly protect the value of the existing capital while allocating assets in a risk managed way to areas which will provide growth and regular income.

Our Role

Develop the Investment Policy Statement in association with the board

      Once we have finalised this document it will be the blueprint that drives an appropriate investment strategy. The Investment Policy Statement would be used to help identify appropriate investments and opportunities within the portfolio.

Provide consistency and accountability for the board

      We understand that governing boards are transitional, thereby requiring structures that promote consistency, enduring (yet evolving) standards and principles of operation. This would naturally extend to an active investment strategy. Entrust can add value to successive boards by acting in an ongoing asset management and investment consultative capacity, representing a conduit between successive governing bodies.

Review and Evolution of the Investment Policy Statement

      An Investment Policy Statement is a dynamic document that responds to the changing circumstances of an organisation. The engagement of a professional consultant to oversee and administer the Investment Policy Statement will help ensure that its evolution remains relevant.

Asset Consulting & Portfolio Management

      Entrust can work in the capacity as a portfolio manager making the day to day investment decisions for the portfolio or can act in a consultative role providing analysis, reporting, accountability and supervision over the underlying fund managers making the underlying investment decisions.

      Entrust are able to manage bespoke portfolios which account for a range of different restrictions and areas of focus. As a non-retail investor we are able to access investment opportunities which are not widely available to the broader market and take advantage of your status as a Professional Investor.

Advice and analysis

      As part of our ongoing service commitment to you, Entrust would be committed to regular attendance (as required but recommend quarterly) at board meetings to report on your investment strategy. This will include, but is not limited to;

      • Retrospective performance review
      • Discussion of prevailing economic and market conditions
      • Appropriate strategic recommendations
      • Review of investment strategy and corresponding reference to underlying holdings to ensure they remain "true to label" and that performance and risk continue to meet the Investment Policy Statement

Consolidated reporting and administration

        Through the Entrust Premium Management Service we are able to provide structured reporting and online access that brings together the various underlying managers and investments that form your investment strategy. This gives you instantaneous oversight of the portfolio and its position facilitates critical analysis and appraisal, ensuring accountability.

Professional Indemnity insurance

      In addition to our strong risk management framework, Entrust have developed of a unique Professional Indemnity Insurance option for the protection of the owners and the board to whom they represent. For your peace of mind we can put in place cover which looks to protect the client exclusively at the exclusion any other claims covered under group P.I. insurance.