The Entrust Service Offering

Working Together

We combine our knowledge of financial planning and portfolio management with our portfolio administration service to create an individual, comprehensive wealth management solution for each of our clients.

Portfolio Management

Entrust operates individually managed accounts with a focus on transparency and tailoring holdings to the needs and risk profile of each client. Your adviser acts as your personal portfolio manager allowing you to have direct access to your portfolio's decision maker.

Strategic Asset Allocation

We build bespoke portfolios for our clients around investment profiles that account for their objectives and tolerance to risk. We take time to gain an understanding of your individual goals and then construct a portfolio providing diversity across a number of asset classes. Our portfolios aim to reflect your preferences, maximise your returns and minimise risk.


We are not tied solely to listed assets or managed funds and will invest where we feel it will most benefit you. To meet your objectives, your Entrust adviser can consider a range of investment options. These may include:

    • Domestically Listed Shares
    • International Listed Shares
    • Listed Yield Focused Securities
    • Managed Funds
    • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
    • Direct & Listed Property Investments
    • Private Equity
    • Cash & Term Deposits

      Where appropriate, our portfolios are focused on direct listed assets as we believe this allows us to personalise your portfolio and better manage tax implications.

Tax Conscious Investing

      Unlike larger institutional managers (managed funds) we target after-tax returns and make investment decisions with your tax position in mind. An example includes taking advantage of certain corporate actions such as share buy backs which are often ignored by other investors and institutions. At Entrust we believe the focus should be on maximising your true wealth; that is, what ends up in your pocket.

Managed Discretionary Account Agreements

      For those who are time poor or simply appreciate knowing that your investments are being professionally managed, Entrust offers discretionary accounts that allow your adviser to make investment decisions on your behalf within mutually agreed parameters. One of the benefits of using a discretionary service is that it allows your adviser to respond quickly to opportunities and market conditions.

      You retain control by assisting in the setting of the investment program which identifies the nature and scope of our discretion. You will be kept fully informed of every transaction undertaken by your adviser while also receiving detailed quarterly reports and online access. Your investment program is formally reviewed annually with your adviser.

Non-Discretionary Accounts

    For those who wish to have active input into investment decisions on their account, Entrust also offers non-discretionary services. A non-discretionary service means that you must approve every investment made on your portfolio. Your Entrust adviser will provide you with investment recommendations in line with your nominated investment mandate, and you can also contact your adviser to provide instructions for your account.

Financial Planning

Entrust provides strategic financial advice for the creation, protection and eventual transfer of wealth to the next generation. Your Entrust adviser acts as your strategic counsel to unlock the potential of your financial affairs. Their role focuses on understanding the things that matter to you, highlighting opportunities, warning you of potential risks and co-ordinating other trusted experts to meet your defined financial goals.

Strategic Advice

A personalised strategic plan requires a deep understanding of your unique needs and objectives including your:

  • Cashflow & tax position
  • Liquidity requirements
  • Estate/asset protection concerns
  • Changing lifestyle needs in the future

Our strategic advice provides a structured blueprint which considers the ownership and structuring of your assets to take advantage of your unique circumstances while making effective use of cash flow to build long term wealth. In forming your plan, strategic consideration will be given to aspects such as:

  • Directing free cashflow to build assets in a tax effective manner or to minimise debt
  • Management of retirement payments to meet lifestyle and legislative requirements
  • Effective distribution strategies for your trusts, companies and superannuation

Your plan will clearly define tangible benefits both immediate and long term. These benefits are demonstrated through detailed modelling and projections. These also assist in providing you clarity in being able to achieve short, medium and long term targets.

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF)

Entrust has been advising our clients on their SMSFs since our inception in 2002. The accounting background of many of our advisers and specialist training and education of our team means we are well placed to provide forward thinking strategies that help you reach your retirement goals. Combining our knowledge we seek to work in association with your accountant and solicitor in providing advice regarding the establishment, ongoing investment management and compliance matters of SMSFs.

Wealth Protection/Insurance

Protecting your wealth and your family's means of wealth creation is a cornerstone of any sound strategy. In developing a comprehensive plan, our analysis provides you with detailed calculations outlining your insurance requirements, therefore allowing you to make informed decisions.

Entrust understands that getting the structure of your insurance right can save you thousands of dollars and develops solutions outlining effective ownership options that reduce after tax cost, ensuring cover gets to those who you want to benefit while reducing unnecessary tax.

We have a variety of approved insurance providers that can be utilised to meet your specific needs, giving you comfort that you are getting cost-effective cover.

Estate Planning

With an increasing concentration of wealth in the older generation, a rising prevalence of blended families, and greater social awareness, there is a growing need for integrated forward planning. Entrust's strategic advice considers this and develops solutions for the transfer of wealth to future generations and for philanthropic purposes.

Your wealth manager can engage with your existing legal professionals to ensure a coordinated approach across all aspects of your personal wealth. Where you do not have existing relationships, your Entrust adviser can recommend a trusted professional.

Portfolio Administration

Entrust offers clients a portfolio service delivering streamlined reporting and administration. The Entrust Premium Management Service (EPMS) provides you with control and oversight of your portfolio while reducing the administration burden that comes with investing. Some of the key aspects of this service include:

Central Mail House and Administration

Entrust will act as your portfolio's central mail house. All correspondence in relation to your portfolio is directed to Entrust where we process, record and manage all corporate actions and paperwork sent by fund managers and share registries including dividends, buybacks, takeovers, and share purchase plans.

Reporting/Online Access

24/7 online access enables you to keep abreast of your portfolio and actions undertaken. The client online site is also a powerful source of information where you can access financial market news, strategy and legislative research through our Knowledge Centre and retrieve financial documents through My Documents.

Quarterly Reports

We provide you with quarterly reports (mailed or emailed) which include:

  • A portfolio valuation, investment transactions, income and expenses, realised and unrealised capital gains, and a purchase and sales summary reports
  • Asset sector allocation reports
  • Calculation of returns after fees
  • Market and economic commentary

Annual Tax Reports

Each year you will be provided with a consolidated tax report for each of your portfolios. All tax processing of dividends, corporate actions and cost base information will be completed, providing you with a single report to provide to your accountant for end of year tax returns; thereby reducing accounting costs. Entrust can automatically send a copy of your consolidated tax report to your accountant on your behalf. In addition, your dedicated client service team can liaise directly with your accountant to resolve queries or questions related to your portfolio.


You can contact Entrust to arrange for the payment of regular or ad-hoc accounts. This allows you to simply send invoices to us with instructions to pay and they will be processed on your behalf and accurately reported on within your portfolio.

Fees, Ongoing Advice and Service


At Entrust we understand the importance of transparency in our relationship with our clients and ensure that we provide you with clarity around what you pay for our services. All strategic advice fees are discussed and agreed with you upfront so there are no surprises. In respect to portfolio management, we offer a range of fee structures which can be designed to best suit you, including flat dollar fees based on assets under administration, transaction fees or a combination of these. Our reporting services clearly outline fees charged so that you are kept fully informed on an ongoing basis.

Ongoing Advice and Service

Your engagement with Entrust is a long term active relationship, not a product solution. Your adviser, backed by their specialist team, can recommend an ongoing service proposition which reflects your financial complexity, needs and budget.

In developing your personal ongoing service proposition we assess your needs and objectives in relation to:

  • Frequency of portfolio reviews
  • Strategic planning needs
  • Portfolio reporting and online access
  • Management and advice regarding cash flow and tax position
  • Banking services
  • Coordination with your other professional advisers
  • Educational, informational and networking points of contact

We understand that your goals and objectives may change over time. We are committed to ongoing innovation to deliver a comprehensive wealth management solution that suits your needs.