Personalised Solutions and service

Knowledge for Serious Investors

Entrust Wealth Management is a West Australian firm founded to meet the needs of those who value a relationship with a knowledgeable adviser acting in their best interest. Your wealth manager operates as your financial focal point, embodying a personal portfolio manager and strategic financial counsel drawing on the skills of a specialist team. This team-based approach means Entrust is able to deliver comprehensive solutions, while our high adviser-to-client ratio means that solutions are tailored to help you and your family reach your unique financial goals.

A Complete Wealth Management Solution

Portfolio Management

Entrust operates individually managed accounts with a focus on transparency and on tailoring holdings to the needs and risk profile of each client. Through our structured investment committee, Entrust leverages off over 150 years of investment experience.

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Portfolio Administration

Entrust Premium Management Service (EPMS) offers clients a portfolio service delivering streamlined reporting and administration. This allows clients to remain informed and in control while saving time and money with consolidated investment and tax reporting.

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Financial Planning

Entrust provides strategic financial advice for the creation, protection and eventual transfer of wealth to the next generation. The key to financial success is often in the planning and getting your financial structure optimised. Through our team-based approach we deliver financial solutions for the long term.

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Ongoing Advice and Support

Whilst our financial solutions provide a platform for success, Entrust is focused on relationships - not financial products. As such, we have a proactive relationship with our clients through regular engagement.

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